The Harvest

The choices of grape bunches are selected and collected in boxes and transferred to the cellar with small trolleys, in a short time, for the soft pressing operations and preparation of the base wines. (video)
The vendangerie is located in San Severo outskirts, near the vineyards, in order to reduce the time between the grape cutting and its pressing.
This means that the quality of the grapes that arrive in the cellar is the best possible, as maintenance and integrity freshness of the fruit, being known the dangers that can arise from an early mashing with disposal of hazardous polyphenols.

The harvest time for the bombino bianco grapes is on mid-September, for the pinot noir  grapes is in the last ten days of August, and for the montepulciano  grapes is between late September and early October. (video)
A fundamental concept that guides us in the preparation of a wine that should serve as a base for sparkling wine is clearly to obtain a wine which has absolutely no organoleptic defect. This for the essential reason that if this defect may go unnoticed, or almost unnoticed, in a still wine, it is clear that in the consumption of sparkling wines carrying carbon dioxide as well as enhances all the qualities conditions, simultaneously enhances the defects .