Lands and Vines

terrenod’Araprì sparkling wines are produced in Capitanata in Puglia, a land that is dry and generous. The fertility of this land is favored by the soil composition, exposure and climate. Given its conformation, this land imposes a limited but great quality production. Capitanata is inclined to the cultivation of vines: it is not subjected to frost, as it is protected by the mountains of Majella and the Gargano Promontory, and the wind does not cause the development of mildews and poor rainfall.

The soil is limestone-clay with silt and sand, it has an altitude between 80 and 100 m., and a slight slope, it is usually very sunny and its temperature has small variations during the day. The well-endowed lands with limestone and organic matter have a high water capacity, allowing a regular ripening of the grapes. On these grounds the grapes grow slowly, without sudden jerks, avoiding reduction of acidity degree and loss of aromatic components. The quality of wine is born first in the vineyard: the best wine, in fact, you get to come to perfectly ripe grapes, produced from vines selected depending on the climate and soil conditions of the area where it will grow, cultivated with care and passion that devote to a garden, to get the best. The quality aim starts from the grape, “pergola pugliese” grown with a density of 3.500 branches per hectare. This low ratio allows an higher sugar content (which in not essential for the preparation of a basic wine) and mainly changes the ratio between the malie and tartaric acid, the most important thing for a very fine base wine with a low pH.