White Bombino

The grape White Bombino has ancient origin: tradition says that it has arrived in San Severo di Puglia in 1200 and was brought by the Knights Templar on the way back from the holy land. Bombino Bianco is so well acclimatized in our territory that even in the hottest and driest years, it matures in mid-September and maintains a big set of acids (around 7 per thousand and a low pH). These characteristics, together with moderate alcohol content and a perfect ripeness, make Bombino Bianco an ideal grapevine variety for a fine and elegant production of sparkling wines (Italian Agriculture) .
Cultivated by long time in Puglia, it seems to be native of Spain, although no source ensures it with ease. With regard to his name, some do arise from the shape of the bunch that it is quite fantastic vision, resembles a child with arms outstretched.

The vine is present in Puglia significantly especially in Bari and Foggia. It is present in other regions of southern Italy, as the Molise and Abruzzo, and also in the regions of the north Italy . In Emilia-Romagna, where Pagadebit and Straccia Cambiale are also referred to, in terms of their convenience and the income that winegrowers can achieve.
The grapes Bombino Bianco of San Severo, used largely in the production of cuvees d’Araprì finally states for the first time in the Italian market as a great variety for the sparkling wine with the classic method, upsetting in a sense of the geography of production sparkling wine.

Morphological chart White Bombino