The Cellar

testatacantina2The production of wine is currently performed in two cellar. In the first one (“vendangerie”) the grapes are processed and trasformed in sparkling wine from September to March. The other building is an old cellar of the 700 ( tours welcome ) located in the historic center of San Severo, where the wine is put in bottles with temporary capping to complete its fermentation cycle. This cellar maintains “historical” structures and equipment and thanks its architectural connotation, it is the destination of several wine tourists. A piece of the ancient city walls of the 13th century, an ancient press of 1836, the prison of the Carbonari Morelli and Silvati and the thousands and thousands of bottles that for at least three years get old at cool and dark before seeing the light and getting dressed. Many are the visitors who come down every year in our cellars, which stretch in historical buildings, and near the Church of San Nicholas, one of the oldest in the city.

The d’Arapri House follows scrupulously the production methods dictated by the ancient tradition in all the production stages. Just exploring the amazing cellar it is possible to appreciate the care taken by d’Arapri in the production of its wine (walk).
After searching for years a synthesis of Italian taste, and French tradition today the company can be said to possess a truly personal style