Typical gastronomic matching – La Dama Forestiera

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Mussels au gratin
cozzegratinate300It is a dish made by two rustic ingredient: the mussels and the stale bread grated. Those two simple ingredient give to the dish a sharp flavour.

Beans with wild herbs
fagioliconerbe300The strong parfume of wild herbs like borage, little wild fennel, chicory and “marasciuolo”, marriage perfectly with beans cooked into water with garlic and few tomatos. It is served with extra-vergin olive oil and toasted bread.

Prawns to grill
gamberi alla spiedo300The prawns are breaded in a mix of greated bread and minced parsley are the grilled and served with a slice of Gargano lemon to complete the dish.

Octopus salad with green beans and potatoes
insalata di polipo300It is a typical dish eaten in the hot summer evening. It is a salad made by cooked octopus, green beans and potatoes, dressed with lemon, salt, pepper, a leaf of mint and plentiful extra-vergin olive oil.

“Burnt wheat” orecchiette pasta with courgette
orecchiettezucchine300Orecchiette, a typical southern kind of pasta, are made with flour of burnt wheat that have a beige color and the burnt smell. This kind of pasta is then cooked with an other earth product: the courgettes.

Mussel and clam soup
zuppacozzevongole300The mussels and clam are cooked in a pot with pentifuly extra-vergin olive oil, garlic, pepper, oregano, parsley, whole tomatos and a the end a spurt of d’Araprì sparkling wine that give a heady flavour which is impossible resist.