Cuvèe Annett

Special Edition: 2004

The House of d’Araprì celebrates its 25th year of foundation with the production of a special Cuvée in its blend and bottle shape.
It was dedicated to Anna Cardillo d’Amico. mother of one of the three shareholders of the company as well as woman of great character that has left us the love for the tradition and its wine making expertise.
And this is a Cuvée of great elegance and fullness Special that will become part of “the d’Araprì Collection” series.
The Cuvée Annett is a wish to share with you the joys and to accompany your dreams.

Life is good live it as such, it is up to us to recognize in everyday life the happy flow of time

Annetta Cardillo d’Amico

Climate: despite the very harsh winter, flowering took place under ideal conditions and the harvest in mid-September of 2000 gave healthy grapes of great quality.
Grape varieties: 60% Pinot Noir and 40% of Montepulciano from the best vineyards of San Severo in the district “Franceschiello”.
Production: during the harvest the grapes are selected soft-pressed in traditional presses “Vaslin”. Only the product of the first pressing, called Cuvée. it’s used. Fermented in temperature-controlled tanks and after seven months of careful checks and care goes into bottles for secondary fermentation, followed by a long period of aging on the lees in the cellars of the ancient cellars that the House possesses in the historic center of San Severo.

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