Precious, small and great fruits of patriarchs of nature, those olive trees that here in Daunia survive with a drop of water.

Olives at lime, olives at water, olives at salt, fried olives, olives with fennel seeds are always present on San Severo tables.


This is a strong taste only course where mussels stuffed with grated bread, garlic, eggs and parsley are cooked in tomato sauce. Then spaghetti are seasoned with all the sauce.



Little cylinders of home made pasta (flour and/or superfine flour) cut with the knife point, trailed on the pastry board and turned over on the thumb point until they become little hats striped outside, smooth inside and border around. The concave shape and the wrinkled surface make easier the combination with the seasonings. Very tasty with meat sauce and freshly grated sheep’s milk cheese.
Fried anchovies

Blue fish of our Adriatic sea, floured and fied in fragrant extra virgin olive oil.