Brut Rosè

The rosé wine is a typical wine produced especially in south of Italy. Therefore the d’Araprì house has create his Brut Rosè sparkling wine. This special sparkling wine has a light pink rose colour with reflections of onion skin. It has a strong flavour and long persistent.

Vines: Montepulciano and Black Pinot.
Production area: San Severo.
Vineyards: Cotinone and San Matteo District 2 + 12  hectars .
Soil type: argillaceous-calcareous, in slight slope.
Exposure and altimetry: South South-West, 80-100 mt on the sea level.
Growing system and plant density: Espalier, 3500 plants per hectar, Apulian Pergola 2000 plants per hectar.
Profit per hectar: 100-120 quintals per hectar, about 3-4 kg per stump.
Grape-harvest time: late August Black Pinot and late September Montepulciano, with manual gathering and selection of the grapes.

Refining and permanence on yeasts: each bottle rests minimum 24 months sheltered from light, drafts and knocks, at a temperature of 13°C, in the cellars of our ancient winery.
Flowing into (degorgement): made by hand at cold with the add of the dosing syrup (liquer d’expedition), about two months before the marketing.
Appearance: salmon pink with shades of purple and gold, with soft foam and with fine persistent perlage.
Bouquet: intense nose, fresh and sweet fragrance of flowers and a delicate fusion of bread, toast and ripe fruit.
Flavor: dry even round, strong flavour, long persistence, with balanced taste and a pleasant drink.

Abbinamenti gastronomici

Gastronomic matching
Match dazzling with Caciocavallo podolico medium mature.. Original and Polished for the aperitif. It is also perfect to drink after-dinner with pastries; it is the softer sparkling wine proposed by the d’Araprì House. Desirable at any time, it is a symbol of love and happiness.

Typical gastronomic matching

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