La Dama Forestiera

At the end of the 1800s, the English noblewoman Elisa Croghan found herself managing the great estate of her partner, the last Prince of San Severo Michele di Sangro.
Estates that will later leave to the city, at the behest of the Prince himself, and for which this territory will become
one of the largest vineyards in Italy. This is how Croghan will enter in the history of the Capitanata with the name of “La Dama Forestiera” and it is with this name that the writer Nino Casiglio will title his
famous novel.
d’Araprì with admiration dedicates this Cuvée to her, obtained from black grapes: Montepulciano and Pinot Nero, from its own vineyards, with white vinifcation and using only the first pressing must. “La Dama Forestiera” is produced in the “Nature” type and only in Magnum bottles.
The slow aging on the lees, in the freshness, in the stillness and in the dim light gives to”La Dama Forestiera” the finesse and elegance that distinguishes it and makes one of the most sought after and appreciated among the producers of the Traditional Method Sparkling wine in Italy.

Grapes: Montepulciano and Black Pinot.
Production area: San Severo.
Vineyards: Cotinone and San Matteo District 2 + 12  hectars .
Soil type: argillaceous-calcareous, in slight slope.
Exposure and altimetry: South South-West, 80-100 mt on the sea level.
Growing system and plant density: Espalier, 3500 plants per hectar, Apulian Pergola 2000 plants per hectar.
Profit per hectar: 100-120 quintals per hectar, about 3-4 kg per stump.
Grape-harvest time: late August Black Pinot and late September Montepulciano, with manual gathering and selection of the grapes.

Refining and permanence on yeasts: each bottle rests minimum 48 months sheltered from light, drafts and knocks, at a temperature of 13°C, in the cellars of our ancient winery.
Flowing into (degorgement): made by hand at cold without the add of the dosing syrup (liquer d’expedition), about two months before the marketing.

Appearance: elegant golden yellow colour, with very dense and small bubbles.
Bouquet: rich and complex and with a elegant perfume and a ripe component of spices.
Flavor: full and has a greedy approach such as its bouquet, pleasant body and structure with considerable length of flavour.

Format: only 1.5 liter Magnum bottle.

Vintage on the market: 2016

Abbinamenti gastronomici

The majesty and sensuality of Dama Forestiera is enhance with savory dishes such as shrimp in vine leaves with potato curry. The comples structure  is enhance on mediterranean specialties, even simple as bread and tomato.

Typical gastronomic matching