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d'arapri 1979

d’Araprì vineyards


Interview to Ulrico Priore about vineyard

Intervista a Ulrico Priore

"Vite" e Vitigni

Vite e Vitigni

Harvesting and Vinification

Harvesting and Vinification

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Geographical position and climate

Protected by the Maiella
and under the Gargano, the San Severo vineyards are among the most important and well kept in Apulia. Infact they make use of a microclimate favourable to the grapes cultivation, particularly with white berry, since they almost never suffer of frosts for the mountain protection above named, and the notable ventilation of the place does not allow the taking root of cryptogramic deseases letting a very little use of pesticidal products.

Soil nature

The lands on which are the d’Araprì vineyards are of argillaceous-calcareous nature with a colour verging to grey-yellowish. They are on average made of 30% sand, 24% mud and 46% clay, well endowed with limestone and organic substance, they have a high water capacity that allows a regular grape maturation. On these soils the grapes mature slowly, without sudden jerks, without reductions of the acidity grade and without dispersion of the aromatic elements.

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