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Bere Spumante 2013
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The Challenge

The Challenge

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You says that a pleasure is complete if everybody and five the senses have involved from the experience; it is the case of the sparkling wine.

Occhio visual exam

The eyes allow us to see the transparency, the tonality and the intensity of the color, appreciate the effervescence of the wine.

FOAM: it is observed the foam abundance and characteristics.
CLEARNESS: it is the clearness at all the luminous rays that are not absorbed by the sparkling wine cloudiness.
OLOUR: the cromatic variation is observed lightening the sparkling wine with reflected light against a screen with a white ground.
PERLAGE: it is observed how big are the carbon dioxide little bubbles dimensions developped.
PERLAGE: it is observed the little bubbles duration and continuity persistency (little chains).

Naso olfactory exam

The nose allows us to feel the range of the manifold tones of the perfumes.

FRANKNESS: the absence of any unpleasant sensation.
INTENSITY: the perfume quality exhaled and its persistency in time.
FINESS: qualitatively the elegance and class of the aromatic-odorous shades of the sparkling wine.
HARMONY: the result of the right equilibrium among all the components present in the formation of the olfactory characteristics.

Bocca taste exam

The mouth makes us taste the tastes in their complexity and wealth and does us feel the pure one to like that the gustatory papilles stimulate.

FRANKNESS: the taste sensation of pleasanteness and absence of extraneous or unpleasant tastes.
INTENSITY the quantity of taste sensations perceived.
BODY: all the components that contribute to the taste sensation of fullness, robustennes and body of the sparkling wine.
HARMONY: the result of the right equilibrium among all the components (frankness, intensity, body) that contributes to such quality.
TASTE-OLFACTORY: the lenght of the taste-olfactive sensation in the mouth.
PERSISTENCY after the expulsion or swallowing of the sparkling wine.
FINAL SENSATION: the quality of the sensation perceived after the expulsion or the swallowing of the sparkling wine, classified as aftertaste sensation.

The touch stimulates us with the pleasant feeling of great or smaller fluidity of the wine on the language, besides the freshness transmitted to the hand by the thin walls of crystal of the glass.

The hearing is stimulated by the fizzy sound of the due sparkling wine to the sum of thousand of individuals "pop" of explosion of little bubbles and to tinkle some cups that raise aloft him.

All these feelings complete the agreeability to enjoy and to share the pleasures and the joy to accompany a good supper or a toast wish her with a foamy wine.

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Targa Oscar 2013

Attestato 5 Sfere 2013 Gran Cuveé

Attestato 5 Sfere 2013 Pas Dosé

Eccellenza 2013 Vini di Puglia


Vino Slow - Guida Slow Wine 2013

Grappolo d'Oro - Guida Vini eccellenti d'Italia

Diploma di Merito Rosati d'Italia 2013




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