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San Severo e Andrea Pazienza

San Severo e Andrea Pazienza

San Severo 1979
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San Severo 1979

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Urban development in the centuries 
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San Severo
The City of Steeples
A photographic journey between the squares and alleyways

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Year 1151
For the first time the village of San Severo appears in a document.
Photo 1.

The emperor Frederic II demolishes the walls corresponding to the internal tour of today and fills the ditch with it in order to punish and to humiliate the inhabitants who sided the Benedictine monks against him, and entrusted the town to the knights of Templar order.
It is believed that during this time was started the cultivation of the white Bombino vine, brought by the Templars on their way back from the Holy Land.
The walls were rebuilt, during the following Angioin domination, with a wider perimeter corresponding to the external tour of today.
Photo 2. Photo 3.

Ferrante I grants to San Severo, free town, the municipal statute.
During this period was probably stroke a coin: a "tornese" with the subscription SANTUS SEVER DE CAPITANATA.
Photo 4.

On march the ninth the pope Gregory XIII raised San Severo to Episcopal Cathedra, by moving the bishop’s residence of the neighbouring Civitate.
In April of the same year the town become feud of Gian Francesco di Sangro, to whom Filippo II conferred the title of Prince of San Severo.
Photo 5. Photo 6.

July 30th, 1627
A strong earthquake destroys the town.
Photo 7.

April 20th, 1797
San Severo feast. Francis I of Borbons and his mother Caroline (wife of the King Ferdinand I) attend the mass in the cathedral on the way back from Lesina for a battute.
Photo 8.

February 8th, 1799
The republicans, following the French revolution raised the freedom tree beside the Celestini Church. A blood-bath was then ordered by the monarchs, who saw in this symbol a social overthrow. Everything happened in front of the Madonna del Soccorso simulacrum.
Photo 9. Photo 10.

February 25th, 1799
Two miles away from San Severo ten thousands borbonic soldiers met in battle seven thousands French soldiers commanded by the general Duhesme. After defeating the borbonie soldiers, the frenchs entered in town and pillaged it.
Photo 11.

June 1799
The granite column where the convietes were tied and shown to the people is removed from Carceri Vecchi street (now it is located in the public gardens, close to the Cappuccini Church).
Photo 12.

August 2nd 1806
Michele di Sangro is appointed prince. He will be the last prince of San Severo, because in the same year a new law abrogates the feudalism.
Photo 13.

The table-lands are allotted to tenants, mainly owners of a big herds coming from Abruzzi. At this time the shepherds decide to settle in the lands and the economy of San Severo starts its changement from pastoral to agricultural.
Photo 14.

July 2nd 1820
Morelli and Silvati start a revolution asking to the borbonie government the Constitution. In San Severo the Carbonarism had many acolytes. King Ferdinando, breaking on oath, first gave a Constitution, but after defeating Guglielmo Pepe at Antrodoco and Rieti dissolved the Parliament and restored the absolute Monarchy. Morelli is betrayed and captured in Chieuti end jailed in San Severo. A priest of San Severo, Paolo Venusi, is arrested ad dies in prison.
Photo 15. Photo 16.

The cholera makes 697 victims out of a population of 16.000 inhabitants.
Photo 17.

Ferdinand II of Borbon finally gives the Constitution to his kingdom of two Sicilies.
Photo 18.

Insurrection of San Severo people caused by the bad social conditions. Several deaths and many persons arrested.
Photo 19.

December 31st, 1910
At ten p.m., on the music of the white Band, arrives the electrierty and San Severo, lighting up, gives the welcome to the new century.
Photo 20.

November 12st, 1912
Elisa Croghan, partner of "San Severo Prince", Michele Di Sangro, assignes 1600 hectares of land to San Severo Town: the incomes obtained by tillage of this large extent of land, had to serve to promote progress and prosperity of  San Severo's agricolture.
Photo 21.

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