Barbecue eel

Behead and clean from entrails the eels of Lesina lake (Gargano); skewer it on the spit with laurel leaves. During the cooking brush on with an olive oil and lemon emulsion.

White broad beans and little chicories

Dried broad beans, peeled, cooked on slow fire in abudant water until they become purée. Seasoned with raw San Severo olive oil, they have to be tasted with the little chicory (field vegetable) in separated dishes.


Cooked in “his water” with the only addition of fresh tomatoes and olive oil, the octopus produces a dish with unforgettable scent.


Small cod-fished, very fresh red mullets exalt the sea scent in a fragrant friend-food in olive “extra virgin” oil.

Fried marrow

Typical they stimulate of the summery afternoons, the marrow of garden fried in oil extravergine of Peranzane olives are like peanuts: one pulls the other.