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Processing description


Distretto Spumantistico della Capitanata

Distretto Spumantistico della Capitanata

San Severo Capitale dello Spumante del Centro-Sud

Capitale dello Spumante

First stage of sparkling

First stage of sparkling

Final stage of sparkling

Final stage of sparkling

Il "Rito della Vendemmia" in Puglia

Rito vendemmia

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I contenitori dello spumante

Processing description

The bunches of chosen and selected grapes are gathered in small recipients and moved to the winery for the operations of soft pressing and preparation of the base wines. After a few months the delicate tasting and evaluation operations start and after the different qualities are timely cut (coupage), making so the cuveé.In spring the cuveé is put in bottle and so it starts the second fermentation or foam taking (tirage).
This takes place slowly for the natural temperature of the winery around 12/14 °C. So slowly the wine becomes sparkling wine. At the end of the foam taking, the bottles are moved from one pile to the other undergoing them to an energic shaking to put again in suspension the ferments rich of delicate tastes and perfumes (coup de poignette).

The champenois refinement requires a time that goes from 15 months to 3 years and over. When the aging is ended the bottles are put upside down on the pupitres where they stay for two months so to favour the detachment of the deposit on the bottom and its thickening on the neck: remuage operation.
When the sparkling wine becomes limpid it is subjected to the flowing into also named degorgement. It consists in making the cork jump that brings with it the deposit. Before the final corking with a cork it is made the adding of the LIQUEUR D’EXPEDITION (dosing). For the PAS DOSE’instead the filling up is made with the same sparkling wine.
Still a short rest time during wich the cork gets the typical mushroom shape and the wine refines its bouquet formation and the bottle, with its accurate and traditional dressing, is ready to face the judgement of the most demanding consumers.

  The sparkling-wine has a father



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