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The wine has always been the muse of many artists. The friend for which he could more easily tell your mood, find inspiration. There was a time when the marriage between wine and art was not close. Instrument of hedonism and a harbinger of the passions is found in the major opera arias, in the poems of the greatest poets, writers in the verses of all time
Ranging from the dawn of civilization to this day, we set out reflections enoic-literary; expressed in excellent shape.

Update: 02/06/17

If you go back to the Greeks and Romans, they talk about all three - wine, food and art - as a way of enhancing life.    (Robert Mondavi)

Whatever the price, the wine
is worth more than money it costs. Especially when she brings joy into your home, the joy of the sunlight.    (André Simon)

A bottle of wine demands to be shared and have never met a miserly wine lover.     (Clifton Fadiman)

Who wants to be happy, either:
there is no certainty of tomorrow.... Women and youths lovers, viva Bacco e viva Amore! Each sound, dancing and singing! Arda core of sweetness!  (Lorenzo de 'Medici)

It is wise when it drinks well who can not drink, does not know anything.     (Nicolas Boileau)

Wine is bottled poetry.     (Robert L. Stevenson)

Soak our souls thirsty wine restaurant of the past.     (Mark Twain)

You can not have a food culture without wine.     (Julia Child)

Wine is a living liquid containing no preservatives. Its  life cycle comprises youth, maturity, old age, and death.  When not treated with reasonable respect it will sicken and die.      (Julia Child)

The wine has the power to fill the soul of all truth, all knowledge and all philosophy.   (F. Rabelais)

I drink to the thirsty
I will have. (F. Rabelais) 

Drinking without thinking is like not to drink    (F. Rabelais)

Do not laugh but the man is just drinking and drinking good wine and fresh ... with wine becomes divine.  (F. Rabelais) 

Until the turn is the last pure good. As the wine turning the table back.   (Stevens Wallace)

It is wise when you drink well
, who can not drink, does not know anything.   (Nicolas Boileau)

Of all the vices
that had not been to me than to drink.    (Cecco Angiolieri)

Both Benedict who first invented the wine
all day makes me happy.     (Cecco Angiolieri)

The wine
hampers wing chastity.      (Iacopone da Todi)

When my glass is empty
pity him. When filled the void.   (Raoul Ponchon)

is the drink of divine love     (Nablusi)

So love was the pearl
of his oyster and Venus emerged from the red wine.   (C. A. Swinburne)

I drank some of the most vigorous wines, the mighty men who drink of knowledge.     (Costantino Kavafis)

The wine was the first of the luxuries of humanity for millennia.     (Hugh Johnson)

The fruit ripens and squeeze.
In the last serious wine flavor.      (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Parting is craziness, wine is harmony.
And this is what our days need. Because real luxury is have time. And leave the senses that drive us.      (P. Crepet)

In the glass
we meet agin the time for dialogue       (P. Crepet)

I drink
to make other people interesting.    (G. J. Nathan)

Although penicillin treatment for men, the wine makes them happy.                 (Alexander Fleming)

Gentlemen, in the short time that remains between the crisis and catastrophe, we may well make us a cup of champagne.            (Paul Claudel)

The wine gladdens the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, the weary forget his tiredness.        (Lord Byron)

One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if he has eaten well and drank well.        (Virginia Woolf)

It is wise when you drink well,
who can not drink, does not know anything.      (Nicolas Boileau)

Here lives
the fields "Spirit".       (Anonymous of the 19th century)

I do not care where the water goes, provided it does not go into the wine!      (from Genesis to Noah)

Drink the wine as the couple is the face of his friend.  (Mahmud Shabastari)

Up with the sparkling wine in the glittering glass as the lover laughts; gentle gives joy!        (Turiddu - Rustic Cavalry)

Let’s drink in the cheerful glasses! Beauty embellishes, and the fleeting hour inebriates voluptuosly.     (Alfred - La Traviata)

Off the thoughts! Up with the glasses! Let’s drink!... let’s drink!... (Mimì - La Bohéme)

San Severo town in my mind where the vine flourishs and the climate is always sweet.      (Andrea Pazienza)

The shining grape wine. A night in shining cups We would like to drink      (Wang Han)

As travelers, long we drink,  remain with fear the bells of dawn     (Tai Shu Lun)

A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.     (A. Brillat-Savarin)

Food and wine are mostly pleasure
and nourishment, we are what we eat.       (Gualtiero Marchesi)

When you want to drink a wine is just physical pleasure, but to taste is necessary intelligence, sensitivity and competence.      (Gualtiero Marchesi)

The wine says: live me poor I’ll make you rich (Anonymous beginning of the 20th century)

The wine makes the blood, the meat makes the meat, with effort it makes you desperate.      (Carino)

Nature gives us all the shades, the tones, the aromas, the contrats, the perfumes. Then the ingeniusness is able to combine all perfectly.      (D. Foulon)

To have aesthetic sense means to know how to work the substance up to extract all the beauty.     (D. Foulon)

Alaways ready to a new idea and to an ancient wine. (Brecht)

I thought I was teetotal, but it was only because I did not know the good wine.     (G. Mura)

You freshened my soul that was burning for love.   (Saffo)

... light will come, secretely it will live...      (Ungaretti)

The more a thing is difficult, the more it demands art and virtue.      (Aristotele)

Wine is the condensate of a territory, of a culture, of a life style.      (Hemingway)

Happiness is an excellent wine. It has to be tasted sip after sip...      (Feuerbach)

God, touched by the remorse made sleep; man added wine, sacred son.      (Baudelaire)

In toasts the glass and the burning charm of pleasure kidnaps us.       (Carmina Burana) 

And 'while nice when people are intoxicated. When they have something good to drink and their hearts are happy.    (Admonitions of an Egyptian sage)

The glasses of chosen wine to fill; the delight is born, the pain is death.       (Macbeth)

Let us sing, let us toast to newlyweds so sweet, that the pleasure days for them are long and steady.     (Love elixir)

My love, suddenly your side is the full glass curve, your bosom is the grape, the alcohol light your hair, the berries your nipples, your belly bottom pure seal impressed on your amphora venter, and your love the fall of inextinguishable wine.       (Neruda)

Life, you are like a wine, you treasure up the light and you distribute it transformed in grapes.      (Neruda)

... you, large bottle, keep in your fertile venter for the thirsty heart of the poet; you pour him hope, youth, life and pride...        (Baudelaire) 

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.   (E. Hemingway)

Sources were of wine, seas of grapes... the river was the must. You aked for water, branches of wine gushed from you bosoms.       (Alberti)

This one I want to offer to the beauty of your heart, that may give to the future a dashing heir, up brothers with the glasses and talk among the pleasant tinkling: hall to you prone wine.        (Johann Christian Günther)

I raise the cup and I invite the glittering moon, with her and with my shade we will be three. (Li Po)

The year ended among firecrackers bursts, breeze warmness and wine fragrance. (Wang An-Pi)

What a big thing only one wine cup! It let us say the history of all our life. (Po Chu)

Wine is the song of the earth towards the sky. (L. Veronelli) 

The worst is better than the best wine farmer wine industry.    (Luigi  Veronelli)

You are the magic vase that my spirits envelops and in the sparkling wine cup my destiny is made. (Brentano)

Great is the lucky one who possesses a good bottle, a good book, a good friend.  (Moliere)

Let us drink our friends:
times that flies invites us, let us enjoy life for what is possible. (Moliere)

Goods, glory, knowledge do not make pains disappear and only in the joy of drinking there is happiness. (Moliere)

Paid again and always, as long as you just tell us.       (Moliere) 

Ah, bottle, my friend, why are you empty?      (Moliere)

Fill in the glass that is empty, empty the glass that is full, never leave it empty, never leave it full. (Templari)

The crater was full of ambrosia. Ermete took an amphora and poured. All the gods held the cups, they drank. To the groom they wished happiness. (Saffo)

Let us drink, now, and let us enjoy ourselves, among nice speeches: what will be tomorrow is in God’s hands. (Teoginde)

The wine moves the spring, grows like a joy plant, falls walls, cliffs, closes the abysses, is born the song. (Neruda)

Let us to the heir have every secret, but the winery wine you have to drink it. (Marziale)

I raise the cup, moon, and I invite you to drink, I wish you not to fall. (Sou Che)

How many will understand a spell like that?
With wine and flowers, we're waiting?      (Sou Che)

When the drunken nightingale found the way to garden, he discovered the delightful pink and the cup of wine.     (Omar Khayyâm)

They say: there will be after the Paradise and girls: they say there will be there and wine and milk and honey. What is the bad then if here we choose wine and lovers when, at the end af all, it will be still like this?      (Omar Khayyâm)

With a beautiful girl on a river and wine and roses until I am allowed, I will enjoy in pure happiness, until I was I am and I will be, in this world I drank, I drink and I will drink always some wine!    (Omar Khayyâm)

Since when how much is the admission to the moon both the planet apparatus un sky , neither visual once what is in this more dessert of the genuine wine. Rife nor wonder son I digits the seller nor wine , what those what is in this once may I buy best nor  those what haiti flogged.        (Omar Khayyâm)

I love on the table, when converged, the light of one wine bottle intelligent. (Neruda)

Empty one hundred glasses, Mecenate, to the health of the safe friend and protract the alert oil-lamps until dawn. (Orazio)

Let us drink five glasses for Livia, eight for Giustina, and four also for Lide and three for Ida. Many glasses for each one as the name letters are.  (Marziale)

Hi very sweet Bacchus, sigh of each breast, you that pour in the souls such a big wave of joy! (Anonymous 1100)

Bacchus, very famous name, how many here we are slaves to your happy empire, yuor gifts we drink. And to tell your glories we sing the joyful hymn to you until the world lasts. (Anonymous 1100).

…I believe that people who was born in places where good wine can be found are very happy. (L. da Vinci)

Who does not drink wine is a lamb, who drinks it moderately is a lion, who drinks it too much is similar to a pig. (ancient latin proverbe)

…a book, a friend, a bottle of wine give you the happiness ! … (Moliere)

Has rubies as fruits, is full of bunches, delightful to look, its branches are lapis-lazuli, bears fruits desirable to watch… (Gilgamesh)

The wine adds a smile to the friendship and a spark to the love. (E. de Amicis)

The wine is the healthiest drink. (Pasteur)

I Had dinner with a small piece of bun, but I drank greedily a jar of wine; now I gently touch the beloved lyre and I sing love to my tender girl. (Anacreonte)

I am pushed by the silly wine, that makes the wisest man singing and forces him to laugh heartly and dance, and stirs up words which are not to be said. (Ulisse)

They say that the lion and the lucertola hold the courts in which Jamsheed it seated in Gloria and drank deeply. (O. Khayyam)

You come, or to coppiere, and door, pel our heart a wine amphora, than we drink a toast some together.   (O. Khayyam)

Because, you see, the man when it drinks is well, one becomes rich, ago better transactions and it gains the causes, happy if ago same, and ago of the good to its friends. (Aristofane)

I have a boccale of wine; and here outside son two or three friends of Cyprus, that they would want to touch the glass to the health of Otello the black one.    (William Shakespeare)

Now comes the sweetness of the evening, fill the cup and pass it round.    (William Shakespeare)

The wine-cup is the little silver well, Where truth, if  truth there be, doth dwell.           (William Shakespeare)

Vivan the females! The good wine lives! Sostegno and Gloria of humanity!     (Mozart)

Three wine cups I prepare for the men I moderate to you: one for the health, the second one for lâ??amore, third for the sleep. When this cup is empty, the hosts tests go to house.        (Eubulus)

you melt the rigor of the cold placing with width firewood on the fire and generous it pours, or Talioco, from the amphora sabina wine of four years ...    (Orazio)

Getlteman my God, how much six large one!... You make to grow the hay for the herds and the grass to the service of the man because it draws food from the earth, the wine that cheers the heart of the man.      (Salmi 104  - Bible)

Therefore with the goblet it passes between the benches of the fast ship, you remove the stoppers to the orci able, and spilla the red wine until the feccia: that we could not be to the dry ground during this waking of guard. (Archiloco)

great fire and mescendo without saving drives away the cold piling up sweet wine, wool temples encircling soft.  (Alceo)

The giovine host woman to the threshold laughs, health and mesce the sparkling wine. (G. Carducci)

In the spark decreases to us vin, like the spirit of the eye. (G. Carducci)

It rises and it drinks the two sources: clear it drinks water in one, but in the other a sweet wine.  (G. Pascoli) 

But that drunkness can give the most famous wine, if to receive it within not there is at least the shadow tired with a dream?  (C. Govoni) 

A man will not drink more in order to remember its sky in order to gain its mercy.  (G. Annese)

The miracle of the wine consists in rendering the man that that would not have to never stop of being: friend of the man.  (E. Engel)

Oh, you, wine carafe, in the desert with the beautiful one that I love.... that the wine water jug excellent of the love adds its kiss.  (Neruda)

A meal without wine and like a garden without flowers. (popular Saying)

Who very drinks very sleeps, who very sleeps badly does not think, who badly does not think badly not ago, who badly does not make in Paradise goes. Or who very drinks the Paradise well will have.  (popular Saying)

The wine celebrates the day, in a day lieto is not shame to be tipsy.  (Tibullo)

The wine gives courage and renders the men tilts to the passion.  (Ovidio)

The wine catches up the mouth and the love catches up the eyes. This is the single truth who is given to us to know.  (William Butler Yeats)

The wine is a light and humor compound. (Galileo Galilei)

The wine is the light of the sun held together from the water. (Galileo Galilei)

Gold and wine are good when they are old. (popular Saying)

No poetry written from water drinkers can appeals to along. From when Bacchus it has enlisted poets, cakies MUSE always know of wines to the dawn. (Orazio)

Crazy wine that it uses to push also the man much test to intonare one song and to laugh of taste... (Omero)

Today the space is splendid! Without bites neither spurs or bridles, go, on the wine, to horse towards a divine and bewitched sky.  (C. Baudelaire)

The men drink the wines, the other beings the source waters. (medical School Salernitana XIII sec.)

Six closing Hush that it does not yield, six labbra and eyes oxen. The six vine. (C. Pavese)

... the wine flows red along thousand generations like the river of the time and in the arduous way it makes music gift us... (J. L. Borges)

The saper drink does part of the saper live.  (E. Peynaud)

The art of the to drink obeys to two rules: the measure and the good flavor.   (E. Peynaud)

The food more well for the health of everything is what the muslim religion forbids. 
(Maimonide - personal doctor of Saladin)

The wine speaks, melts the language, reveals secrets that you would not have never intentional to tell, secrets that you did not know not to know.      (J. Harris)

Too much wine or too much little: if not gliene dates, cannot find the truth; if gliene dates too much, not even. (Blaise Pascal)

Wine and music were always for me the better corkscrew.      (Cechov)

If God had forbidden the wine, because never would have made it therefore good?      (Richelieu Cardinal)

The abstemious one is a weak person who yields to the temptation to deny a pleasure.    (Ambrose Bierce)

Not always the new wine makes us to forget what the screw has donated us the year before.    (Simonide)

Within to the wine glass the conversations they float light. (Chinese principle)

Oh come shine! Oh how he kisses and bites! Odes as sweetness intoxicates the core! Colman another, oh, what a sweet smell! Oh how I like my greedy lips. (Francesco Redi)

If the grape is not sweet refreshment ognor blood veins, this life is too ephemeral, too short is always in pain. (Francesco Redi)

To cause the anxieties it supplies the life, to interrupt supplies them the screw.    (Wolfgang Goethe)

The wine is a species of inner rice that, for a moment, renders the face of our thoughts beautiful.   (Henri de Régnier)

The love not expressed is like the wine held in the bottle. (Emile Veraheren)

The wine bubbles, the stupidity never..... (Anonymous Chinese)

The wine taste is not in the botttle, but in our head  ( F. Brochet)

If we observe a glass of wine …….. we see the whole universe.    (Richard P. Feynman)

The wine is the mirror of man.    (Alcaeus of Mytilene)

If one takes a screw, not his more than three clusters will pay six pence.     (Edict of Rorari, 650 A. D.) 

And whenever I drink from this cup the heart is full of us.    (P. Vario) 

Wine is a master of my lyre. Enchant the song. (Sándor Petőfi) 

We eat at the edge of a stream grass short, after a walk: wine is fresh the bottle between rocks and stream. (Luciano Erba)

We talk about the wine, which for me certainly touch the heart.     (L. Ariosto)

A cup filled with shining similar to the lamp to the mouths drinkers.    (Abu Nuwas)

Here is the happiness of life, love wine and we also have close.     (A. S. Pushikin)

Let us throw away
worries! That the wine flows in a foam river in honour of Bacchus, of the muses, of beauty. (A. S. Pushikin)      

But because now we are all gathered here, that the glass resonate, I would say, with the verses of the poet!      (J. Wolfgang von Goethe) 

There is no river which equals the Red River of man, good wine.       (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

But thou hast kept
the good wine until now.       (Giovanni 2 1-11)   

As you remember the taste of wine when the glass and its color are lost now.           (Kahlil Gibran)  

Drink it: so that your soul can become so oblivious to smile if you ever come against Fate.      (Lambros Porfiras)

And I think as he promised to drink the chalice eternal and godly in the sky the moon slips.      (P. Verlaine)

It gives the young wine to melancholy goodnight      (E. Praga)

And by the time of the fresh leaves the cluster grows.          (Friedrich Holderlin)

The wine lives in marriage with food.       (Sandro Sangiorgi)

Wine is the direct witness of a place, understood as climate, soil and history.          (Sandro Sangiorgi)

I love the wine in all its expressions.      (Sandro Sangiorgi)

The Sour Wine has comforted me. And the blue bulwark beaten. Laying on birch.        (Dino Campana)

A glimpse of the pale sea flows in silence. Superb altars, innumerable on which wreathed friezes violets are interwoven with the lives.       (Edgard Allan Poe) 

The judgment of taste is right in one thing only summon good for his property to agree with the way we perceive it.         (Immanuel Kant)

The wine enters the mouth and love comes from the eyes, the whole truth that we will be the first to grow old and die. I lift the glass to my mouth, I look at you and sigh.         (W.B. Yeats)

Lord, give me coffee to change the things i can change, and wine to accept the things i can't.   (Winetouristmag)

Wen in doubt, drink more wine    (Winetouristmag)

Her lips drink water, bat her heart drink wine
(Edward Estlin Cummings)

Age appears to be best in three things: old wood to burn, old friends to trust and old wine to drink.    (Alonso d'Aragona)

Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.         (Thomas Aquinas)

Wine to me seems weak; upon the couch of love sweet solace do I seek.     (Imadaddin Nasimi)

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.       (Michael Broadbent)

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.    (Paulo Coelho)

Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.          (John Keats)

I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.    (W. C. Fields)

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.          (Benjamin Franklin)

A gourmet meal without a glass of wine just seems tragic to me somehow.        (Kathy Mattea)

Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.        (Pope John XXIII)

Artists and poets still find life’s meaning in a glass of wine.           (Joy Sterling)

Robert Mondavi

André Simon
Clifton Fadiman
Lorenzo dei Medici
Nicolas Boileau
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mark Twain
Raoul Ponchon
Hugh Johnson
Julia Child
Francois Rabelais
Cecco Angiolieri
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Costantino Kavafis
Rainer Maria Rilke
Paolo Crepet
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Gualtiero Marchesi
O. Khayyâm
de Amicis
E. Engel
William Butler Yeats
Galileo Galilei
Cesare Pavese
E. Peynaud
Moïse Maïmonide
Joanne Harris
Blaise Pascal
Richelieu Cardinal
Francesco Redi
Frédéric Brochet
Richard P. Feynman
Sándor Petofi
Luciano Erba
Ludovico Ariosto
Abu Nuwas
Sandro Sangiorgi
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Immanuel Kant


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