Stopper saves bottle

Sealing cap required to keep partially filled bottles of sparkling wine

Pliers sparkling
accessori02Elegant tongs silver plate to easily remove the cap from the bottle of sparkling wine

Bucket classic

Sparkling wine cooler bucket “Classic” aluminum

Nickel-plated sparkling wine bucket in alpaca
accessori04Elegant sparkling wine cooler bucket alpaca nickel plated

Thermo bottle
accessori05Thermo bottle with golden metal trim to maintain the longer a bottle
of sparkling wine already cool without the use of ice

Pack of 6 flûtes
accessori06Flûte for sparkling wine in fine glass and an evolution that creates
consistent and constant perlage

Table lamp shade sail
accessori07Table lamp shade sail in parchment with coupling system
of sparkling wine bottle

Mini Pupitre
mini pupitrePupitre eight seats in natural wood oak